Commodore-related cables

TV cable and antenna switchbox
Antenna switchbox & rf cable for connecting a Commodore 64 to a television.
These switchboxes and/or cables may be used or new but will be in good condition.
Note: This cable and switch box is designed for televisions using the flat antenna wire.
There are other cables that may provide a better picture if you have the proper TV inputs.
Please check our affiliate's website if you are interested in these other options.

Price: $11
no photo
Magnavox to RGB monitor cable
8-pin male DIN to 9-pin male "D" connector. For 80 column
Commodore 128 video mode and also useful on older RGB (CGA)
PC computers. Also works on Commodore 1902A monitor.
For use with many Philips, Magnavox, and NAP
(North American Philips) RGB monitors.

Price: $9
no photo
40 column Commodore monitor cable (6 ft)
New 6-foot composite 5-pin DIN audio/video monitor cable for C64/128 that lets you connect
to older style color or monochrome monitors that have video & audio RCA style input jacks.
Can also be used to connect C64 to newer televisions that have video and audio RCA-style
input jacks. 5-pin DIN connector also fits the newer Commodore 64 and 128 computers
which have the 8-pin DIN socket.

Price: $16
no photo
Male 9-pin 'D' to Female 9-pin 'D' cable
New 3-foot cable with male 9-pin "D" to female 9-pin "D"
Can be used to connect RGB output from Commodore 128
or old IBM PCs(that have a CGA card) to Commodore monitors
and other monitors that have the proper input.
Has other uses as well.

Price: $9
no photo


Power Cord
Fits many Commodore and Amiga monitors,
printers, disk drives and many other devices.
Also fits many PC desktops and monitors.

Price: $9
no photo
Sears, Amdek, Panasonic monitor cable
Composite & RGB 8 pin (rectangular) to C-128. This unusual cable can be used for RGB
(from a Commodore 128 or older style CGA PC) or composite (for Commodore 64/128/etc.)
or both. This cable is ideal for both composite (40 column mode) and RGB (80 column mode)
on the Commodore 128 using one of these compatible monitors.

Price: $12
no photo
15 pin Male D to 9 pin Male D
15 pin Male D (not VGA) to 9 pin Male D cable.
Might be Apple 2GS monitor cable or
Macintosh-RGB monitor cable.

Price: $12
no photo

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