Commodore-related cables

TV cable and antenna switchbox
Antenna switchbox & rf cable for connecting a Commodore 64 to a television.
These switchboxes and/or cables may be used or new but will be in good condition.
Note: This cable and switch box is designed for televisions using the flat antenna wire.
There are other cables that may provide a better picture if you have the proper TV inputs.
Please check our affiliate's website if you are interested in these other options.

Price: $11
no photo
Male 9-pin 'D' to Female 9-pin 'D' cable
New 3-foot cable with male 9-pin "D" to female 9-pin "D"
Can be used to connect RGB output from Commodore 128
or old IBM PCs(that have a CGA card) to Commodore monitors
and other monitors that have the proper input.
Has other uses as well.

Price: $12
no photo


Power Cord
Fits many Commodore and Amiga monitors,
printers, disk drives and many other devices.
Also fits many PC desktops and monitors.

Price: $9
no photo
Sears, Amdek, Panasonic monitor cable
Composite & RGB 8 pin (rectangular) to C-128. This unusual cable can be used for RGB
(from a Commodore 128 or older style CGA PC) or composite (for Commodore 64/128/etc.)
or both. This cable is ideal for both composite (40 column mode) and RGB (80 column mode)
on the Commodore 128 using one of these compatible monitors.

Price: $12
no photo
15 pin Male D to 9 pin Male D
15 pin Male D (not VGA) to 9 pin Male D cable.
Might be Apple 2GS monitor cable or
Macintosh-RGB monitor cable.

Price: $19
no photo

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